Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chickens at Magoon

The spring semester has arrived and Soft has some new workers at the farm. Soft recently adopted six laying hens to provide eggs for the sales and hunt for insects on the farm. We are hoping to integrate the chickens into the farming system and use them as a learning tool for Soft students.

Monday, January 23, 2012

SOFT honored at first UHM Semester of Sustainability Kick-off

SOFT was recently honored at the first Semester of Sustainability Kick-off event at UH Manoa, a program planned to be held at the beginning of each semester to inform and showcase students and the public about various sustainability related projects which are happening on campus. SOFT was awarded the "Student Movers and Shakers" award for our recent progress in establishing on-campus production and display plots. It's nice to have people excited about what we've done already, because if that made them turn their heads, then what we will do next will blow their minds!

Check out the video below from Oiwi TV about the event, you can see our booth somewhere near the end!

UH Mānoa Semester of Sustainability Kickoff from Oiwi TV on Vimeo.

We also kinda made it into a Ka Leo article, neato!